Did Your College Kid Finally Upgrade To A Newer Vehicle? 3 Ways To Know If It Is Best To Work With A Junk Car Buyer

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Teenagers and young adults often start off with an older car that tends to accumulate a lot of wear and tear during those first years of driving. Reaching the point in life where your college kid can get a better car is a major milestone, but it still leaves them with the small problem of figuring out how to get rid of their former vehicle. While your college kid might be trying to sell their car on the regular used vehicle market, they could be better off selling to a junk car buyer if these situations apply.

Will Their Old Car Cost More to Get Running Again?

At first, many younger adults have the idea that they'll fix their car up again so they can sell it for a better price. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out. A car with major engine problems or that needs a new transmission might cost more than its value. When you sell junk cars for cash, you can skip all of the repair work. Instead, the cash that your college kid receives is pure profit that can be put toward rent, textbooks, and other necessary expenses.

Is There Significant Body Damage?

Your kid might have received a good deal on their old car because it had a different-colored hood, or the car might have sustained damage in a recent accident. Many buyers on the traditional market are unable to look past these types of imperfections, and they might offer far less for the car than your kid thinks it is worth. A junk car buyer is upfront about what they will spend for the car, and they aren't worried about aesthetic concerns. This saves your kid from the hassle of trying to haggle over the cost of the car.

Do They Have Limited Space to Store an Old Car?

College students tend to have limited resources for parking spaces. For example, your kid's college dorm may limit them to only one or two spaces in the parking lot. Apartments also tend to only issue so many parking passes, and there might be regulations in place that require vehicles to be in running condition. A junk car cash buyer can save your college student from the headache of trying to find somewhere to keep their old car while they wait to fix it or sell it. Encouraging your kid to sell their junk car for cash also means that it won't show up in your driveway.


7 December 2020

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