Preventing Winter Automotive Problems

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Car and truck owners will frequently underestimate the impacts that winter weather can have on their vehicles. This will result in the vehicle needing expensive repairs as a result of winter damages.

Check The Antifreeze Throughout The Winter

Vehicle owners are likely aware of the need to check their antifreeze levels at the start of the winter, they may fail to realize that it can be beneficial to check these levels throughout the winter as well. Over time, the antifreeze can degrade, which may inhibit the protection it offers. Also, routinely checking these levels will allow you to identify fluid leaks that should be addressed.

Remove Snow Deposits From The Vehicle

Snow and ice deposits can form on the vehicle following winter storms. Unfortunately, many people will leave these materials on their vehicles. This can lead to some important safety risks. For example, you might find that snow packed into crevices in the sunroof can lead to water leaking into the vehicle. Additionally, snow and ice near air intakes or exhausts can lead to performance problems with the engine or the buildup of dangerous fumes in the cabin of the vehicle. Lastly, driving with snow and ice on your vehicle can pose a hazard to nearby drivers as these materials may come loose from the vehicle while it is in motion.

Protect The Body From Deicing Chemicals

Many municipalities will apply deicing chemicals to the surface of the roads. These chemicals can be highly corrosive to automotive paints and metals. Leaving these substances on the exterior of your vehicle, can rapidly degrade the appearance and condition of your vehicle. Ideally, you should use a vehicle brush to wipe off these chemicals as using water can simply lead to a thick layer of ice forming on the exterior.

Ensure Your Vehicle Has Winter Tires

The conditions that you will experience while driving will be extremely poor during periods of the winter. This will often take the form of ice and snow deposits that can make the road extremely slick. Having the right type of tires on your vehicle can help to mitigate these issues as it will provide your vehicle with better traction. In addition to switching to winter tires, you should check the air pressure every week. The sharp change in temperature can impact the air pressure by causing the air inside the tire to contract. You will need to compensate for this reality to ensure the tires are providing the expected performance and traction.

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3 January 2019

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