Car Doesn'T Have The Same Power? Signs It Could Be The Transmission And What To Do About It

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If your car does not seem to be as powerful this could be due to many things. One thing that can cause this is the transmission. The transmission is one of the most important parts inside of a car because it provides your car with the power it needs to move. Transmissions will show you early signs that trouble is coming your way. It is important to listen to these signs, so you can get things taken care of quickly. This may help prevent you from replacing the transmission. To help, below are some symptoms your car will be having if there is something wrong, as well as what you can do about it.

Symptoms of Transmission Problems

One common symptom of transmission problems is the transmission slipping while you are changing gears. You will then hear the transmission make a popping sound when you put your car back to neutral again. While your car is in neutral, you may hear clinking or grinding sounds coming from the engine.

Your clutch may stay engaged and start grinding when you shift. This is also known as clutch dragging. You will stop hearing the sound when you reach the new gear.

Your car will experience higher RPMs while you are driving and changing gears. There will be a delay when you go into reverse or start driving when first starting up your car.

Options You Have

If you are having any of these symptoms take your car to a mechanic now.  Before the mechanic does anything, they will check the transmission fluid. If it is old, they will flush the fluid out and replace it with new fluid. The mechanic will then hook up a computer to the car to check if any sensors are bad. If so, they will replace the sensors. Doing these two things may solve your problems.

If the transmission is still having problems, the mechanic will remove the transmission from your car in order to inspect it. They will give the transmission a thorough cleaning. If they do not see a lot of damage, they will replace damaged parts, such as filters, valves, and gaskets. They will then inspect other parts, such as the gears, casing, converters, and shafts.

It is at this point where the mechanic will decide if they can repair the transmission or if you have to have it rebuilt or replaced.

Your transmission shop can give you much more information about transmissions.


11 November 2018

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