3 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Your Broken-Down Vehicle To Your Dealership


Do you have a vehicle that's constantly breaking down? Have you told yourself that you're not going to put up with this happening again? The biggest problem with having a vehicle that breaks down and buying a newer model is figuring out what to do with the vehicle you no longer want or need. Although you could try to sell or trade it to the dealership, this may not be your best option. Instead, you should consider selling it to a specialized company. Some of the best reasons to do this include the following. 

No transportation woes: When you have a vehicle that is constantly breaking down, getting it to the dealership for a trade-in can be problematic. You could have it towed there, but that's just another expense to add. When you sell your vehicle to a company that specializes in cash for cars, they are the ones who will pay for the towing. They will come to your home and get the vehicle, whether it's actually in running condition or not. This leaves you free to deal with other things besides worrying about how you're going to get a broken vehicle from one place to another.

More money: Unless your local dealership is running a special on any trade-in that gets brought to them, you're likely going to get more money for your vehicle by going with a company that specializes in cash for cars. In many instances, the dealership may do little more than sell your vehicle to one of these companies anyway in order to dispose of it. Since they are doing that, they will most likely offer you less money so that they can make a little profit of their own. By cutting out the middleman, you can get more of the money for yourself to put towards a new vehicle.

Environmentally friendly: One option that you may be considering, besides trading it in, is to pay the local dump to take the vehicle off your hands. Aside from this costing you money, this can be a huge unnecessary waste of space. Even though your vehicle may no longer be worth repairing, it may still be full of parts that are worth salvaging. Companies that pay cash for cars will generally remove things like undamaged fenders, doors, and headlights to sell at reduced prices to people who need them. What's left of the vehicle after all useful parts are removed will be recycled for scrap metal, cutting down on the space that would otherwise be taken up in the dump.


8 November 2018

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