3 Roadside Safety Tips For Your Next Road Trip

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Planning a long road trip? There's are few things more fun than a trip on the open road to visit a new part of the country. If you're travelling with friends or family, the drive itself may be half the fun. Of course, that fun can evaporate quickly if your car breaks down along the way. A breakdown can delay your trip, dent your wallet, and possibly even ruin the rest of your vacation.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take in advance of your road trip to minimize the risk of a breakdown and the impact it has on your plans. These tips are especially important if you drive an older vehicle. Below are a few safety tips to help you plan ahead:

Pack a roadside safety kit. You obviously don't want a breakdown to happen, but if it does, it helps to be prepared. A roadside safety kit can keep you safe and perhaps even get you out of basic maintenance issues. Your kit should include essentials like jumper cables, road flares, a variety of tools, and a first aid kit. Also be sure to include a standalone phone charger. You'll likely need your cell phone during an emergency and you don't want to rely on the car's battery.

If you're travelling with kids, you may want to include items to keep them occupied. For example, consider packing some snacks and bottles of water or juice. Maybe include a game, coloring books, or other non-electronic items to keep them occupied. Blankets could also be helpful if you're driving through a cold environment.

Get a tuneup before your trip. Many causes of car breakdowns can be avoided with simple maintenance. For example, your can avoid an overheated engine by simply topping off your coolant. An oil change can keep most of your components running smoothly. Proper air pressure can go a long way toward preventing a flat tire. Take your car in for a tuneup before your road trip and see what the mechanic recommends. Even a modest investment in something like a new battery or belt can save you a great deal of stress and money down the road.

Subscribe to a roadside assistance program. Perhaps the most effective step you can take is subscribing to a roadside assistance program. If your car is newer, you may be able to subscribe to one through the dealership. Insurance companies also offer them. However, some of the most robust protection plans are standalone programs.

You pay an annual fee and sometimes a modest cost for the service. If you have roadside issues, the company sends out a roadside assistance vehicle. Some can perform simple repairs, like a tire change or battery jump, on the spot. If not, they'll tow your car to a nearby repair shop and even get you and your passengers to safety. It's a valuable service for a relatively small investment.

Ready to stay safe on your road trip? Contact a roadside assistance program, such as from Parkway Wrecker Service, and sign up for membership today. 


6 November 2018

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