Rear Collisions: There Is A Lot At Risk

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Rear collisions are one of the most common types of accidents. Some drivers consider these accidents less dangerous than head-on collisions; however, they can cause just as much stress. Make sure you don't underestimate the impact a rear collision can have. 


A rear collision can cause a great deal of damage to the frame or body of a vehicle. Even if the framework of a car is slightly bent, if the driver continues to drive their car, they are doing so at great risk. The frame of a car is its source of strength. When the structure is damaged, the vehicle is unsafe. 

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment keeps your car moving ahead straight. When your car is misaligned, your vehicle may shift from right to left. Did you know that the impact of a rear collision can knock your vehicle out of alignment? If you continue to drive with the alignment issue, not only is it unsafe, but you can also shorten the lifespan of your tires.


When most people think about the location of their transmission, they think about the space under their hood. However, in many vehicles, there are components of the system located in the rear of the car. If the impact is powerful enough, a rear collision could damage these components. Slipping and hard shifting are just a couple of the issues you might face as a result. 

Truck/Lift Gate

Whether you have a truck or a lift gate, a rear collision can spell trouble. In terms of a trunk, the impact could dent the trunk frame and its latches. If this scenario occurs, you will be unable to open the trunk. The same situation could happen with a lift gate. While you might not think you need to use these rear entryways often, if they get damaged, you will quickly realize how important they are. 

Electrical System

There are electrical components that run all around your vehicle, including the rear. In the back of your vehicle, there are likely wires for your tail lights, your brake lights, trunk and liftgate buttons, and many other wiring features. If even a single cable is pinched or snapped due to the collision, these features will not work. 

Have you been involved in a rear-end accident? Visit a collision repair professional at a place like Exoticar Paintworks Inc as soon as possible. A technician will inspect your vehicle and quickly alert you of any problems to give you peace of mind. 


2 November 2018

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