Examining a Used Freightliner's Sleeper: A Checklist

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If you are in the process of investing in a used freightliner truck for your trucking business, investing in a truck with a cab sleeper is a logical decision. The integrated sleeper gives you a place to rest and get some sleep when you have fulfilled your allowable driving hours for the day during long trips. However, buying a used freightliner that has a sleeper means you have to be really careful about not buying someone else's problems. After all, the sleeper cab will be pretty much your home away from home while on the road. Here is a short list of things to check when you are looking at a freightliner with a sleeper. 


The mattress in a sleeper can be replaced, but it is best to check some things about the mattress and the bed area before you make an offer on a truck. Make sure you take the time to pull any covers back from the mattress and examine:

  • The mattress for signs of pests like bed bugs or carpet beetles
  • The supporting bunk under the mattress for signs of deterioration
  • The condition of the mattress in general (stains, protruding springs, etc.)


A lot of cab sleepers are outfitted with low-pile carpet to add a touch of comfort to the small living space. Carpet can get really dirty in the sleeper and may not get a thorough cleaning often, so make sure you get a good look at its condition. Look for major stains, burn spots, and signs of water damage. Pay careful attention to darkened areas that could be mold. If possible, pull one edge of the carpet up at a corner and take a look at the condition of the padding beneath. If the carpet smells funky, it could have to be replaced. 


Older model freightliners are not always outfitted with appliances in the sleeper cab, but most of the more modern ones are. During the examination of the used freightliner, check any existing appliances to ensure they are functional and free from damage that would make them unusable. You may find a microwave oven, a small mini fridge, or even a television that make the sleeper cab look super inviting, but if these items do not work or are damaged, it will definitely lower the value of the semi overall. Make sure you take the time to test each of the appliances to make sure they function. 


11 October 2018

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